Seo In Guk Needs A Wife

By Joan MacDonald | April 28, 2013 04:18 PM EDT

Seo In Guk
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Listen up ladies, Seo In Guk is looking to get married and you may want to take notes on what he is looking for.

The 25-year-old singer, who won 2009's Superstar K competition, and appeared in the 2012 drama "Reply 1997" would like to get married soon. And he is pretty specific about what he wants.

During a recent filming for KBS2TV's "Full House," he started out by saying that looks are not that important to him.

"I would rather marry a smart woman," said Seo In Guk. "But even though she is smart, she does have to make a good first impression."

 His ideal girl is tall, at least 5 ft. 6 inches.

And she has to be ready to deal with a mess. He has confessed to shedding his clothes like a snake and leaving them all over the floor.

"I like living by myself because I have total freedom, but because I enjoy my lifestyle, the interior of my home is not in good condition," said Seo.

He also hopes his wife-to-be will cook well-balanced meals for him.

"I eat a lot of takeout food, so it's not good for my health," he said.

In the past his name has been linked with his "Reply 1997" costar, A-Pink singer Eunji. The couple won the DramaFever award for best drama kiss in 2012. But, says Seo, there was no truth to the rumors of them dating and they made him uncomfortable.

"I don't really concern myself too much about scandals and rumors," said Seo. "But the real problem is that when I see relationship rumors about myself, I find myself wishing that I really did have a girlfriend. And once I start wishing I had a girlfriend, I end up feeling even more lonely."

When asked who his ideal type was, he chose Girls Generation's YoonA as his ideal rather than Eunji. When he filmed the drama "Love Rain," they spent a month working together on set.

"When I spent that time with her, I fell for her easy-going personality," he said. "She's so pretty but her personality is also amazing. And she's a lot of fun."

In the past, he also expressed some interest in Girls Generation singer, Minah. So, to sum it up, Seo In Guk's ideal wife will have to be smart, pretty, have a great personality, and possibly be a member of Girls Generation.

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