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Seohyun Of Girls’ Generation Revelation About Past Love Affair Astounded JTBC’s ‘Ask Us Anything’ Cast

By AV | February 20, 2017 02:41 AM EST

Seohjun of Girls' Generation, during her guest appearance on JTBC's "Ask Us Anything" reportedly, may have revealed more than what is expected about her past relationship. When prudently asked during the questioning segment of the show, if she is single right now, she confirmed that she is.

According to Soompi, a fellow star of Seohjun from SM Entertainment agency, jokingly said during the show that probably she has not even dated before. Seohyun, allegedly simply replied it is not true that she has not even dated. In fact, she further added, she has even cried over a broken relationship before.

Purportedly, one of the hosts curiously asked whether the guy is still working in the entertainment industry. And again, the same agency mate of Seohjun jokingly added if he retired from the industry after their break up. And accordingly, to everyone's surprise, Seohjun replied that he did retire.

The hosts of the show were apparently confused at the reply and wondered if what she meant was just a temporary break, or did he really retire. Seemingly, Seohyun laughed off the situation she just unexpectedly caused. The host of the show tried to probe more, and asked if she has only dated one person. At this instance, the star put an end to the conversation and shut them down by amusingly telling them to stop asking more questions.

In January 2017, according to Wikipedia, Seohyun became the third Girls' Generation member to release a solo album with her debut extended play titled "Don't Say No". The play apparently debuted on top the South Korean Gaon Album Chart, while the single of the same title also allegedly earned Seohyun her first music show success. This February, Seohyun reportedly began hosting her own reality TV show "How's It Like Living Alone," and she is also going to hold a residency show titled "Love, Still - Seohyun", part of a series of residency shows by S.M.

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