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IU Sexual Harassment: Agency To Take Legal Actions, YouTuber Said It Was Only A Joke

By Inami | April 13, 2017 08:31 PM EDT

IU recently becomes the subject of talking, not only for her all-time kill record for her latest release but also for an incident involving a famous YouTuber. The YouTuber allegedly has sexually harassed IU in his live broadcast. IU's agency, Fave Entertainment, has decided to take a legal action when they found out that the YouTuber has harassed their talent in multiple videos.

The YouTuber, known with his online pseudonym POOWAR, has approximately 200,000 subscribers and is a well-known internet personality in South Korea. POOWAR dedicated his YouTube channel to solely make reaction videos with his extremely sexual comments. According to Korea Boo, the controversy sparked as POOWAR answered questions from his subscribers, one of which was whether he wanted IU or a pet dog. He then answered he prefers to have IU since his life is all about sex. The YouTuber proceeded to state details of what he would do to IU, which was obviously disgusting.

After his controversial remarks about IU were responded by Fave Entertainment, the YouTuber said that he didn't mean to objectify IU and he only made those remarks as a joke. IU's fans and netizens undoubtedly are furious with POOWAR's statement that they start supporting Fave Entertainment decision to sue him.

POOWAR quickly apologizes for the issue he has created although he didn't seem to take the lawsuit seriously. He said he feels honored that IU sued him so he would get a chance to meet the singer in person. Unfortunately, Fave Entertainment has crushed POOWAR's dream to meet IU by saying that he will only meet the agency's representative in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, netizens have responded to IU sexual harassment issue. A lot of them feel disgusted, while the rest think that people only take strong action when female celebrities fall victim for sexual harassment. They think male idols get it pretty bad too when it comes to sexual harassment, especially on the internet, yet not all people responded like what happened to IU and other female celebrities.  

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