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Some Twists Will Happen On The Second Round Of Elimination On 'Produce 101' Season Two

By Siti Fatimah | May 26, 2017 08:14 AM EDT

"Produce 101" season two just did the second elimination for the trainees. The show revealed that this elimination will make everyone cry just like what happened in the first elimination.

Mnet released an official statement, saying that the second elimination would shock everyone. They said they filmed the second round of elimination on May 20 and the survived trainees were really sad. They also added that there were many twists on the second elimination of the show, Korea Portal reported.

"Produce 101" is getting more popular because the ratings keep on increasing on every new episode. Despite the high ratings, the show also received a lot of critique for promoting the ugly truth of Korean Society, Korea Times reported.

"Produce 101" is a show about 98 trainees competing to earn the spot at top 11 for the chance to debut in a temporary group. The competition in K-Pop is really hard it is proven by some idols joining the show even when they already debuted before. Some of them are NU'EST' members and Kim Samuel who debuted with the stage name Punch.

In the first round of elimination, many trainees cried out loud because they have already had the bond to each other. It was so sad to see that some trainees couldn't fulfill their dream to debut in the group.

Previously, the show received much critique for giving an evil edit to some trainees. They also received critique for not giving unfair screen time to the trainees. As the result, some trainees with screen time lackings ended up in the low rank.

For the second round of elimination, trainees who rank below 35 will be eliminated. They need to pack their bags and leave the competition on "Produce 101." The remaining trainees will continue to the next battle and at last, there will be only top 11 to debut as a new boy group.

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