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LOOΠA's Kim Lip Takes The World By Storm With 'Eclipse' MV And Choreography Release

By Staff Writer | June 01, 2017 12:43 PM EDT

There is no doubt that the K-pop music genre is now more popular than ever. This can be proved by the global popularity and international awards that most K-pop idols get. The most recent of these awards is with BTS's award in the Billboard Music Awards night.

Now, LOOΠA's Kim Lip is trying to follow the boy group's footsteps as she has just released "Eclipse" which comes with her music video and dance choreography. LOOΠA is undoubtedly one of the most talked about K-pop groups today because of the unorthodox style that it has before its grand awaited debut in the K-pop music industry. It's because of their unique theme, angle, and concept that distinguishes LOOΠA from the rest of the K-pop girl groups.

According to Blasting News, one of the things which make them different is because they introduce a new member to the group ever month. This is the "Girl of the Month" concept which started last October 2016.

Kim Lip is the latest member of the group that has been introduced to the public. And along with her introduction is the unveiling of her solo debut track which is entitled, "Eclipse." This will serve as her ticket to success and popularity.

This will also be a form of preparation for him before her group debuts in the K-pop music industry. In the dance's choreography, LOOΠA's Kim Lip can be seen doing the best of what she can to show that she got the uniquely distinctive dance moves.

In the music video, one can also feel the crisp and tender voice of Kim Lip that perfectly matches the strong and powerful instincts that she have within her. For sure, LOOΠA, together with Kim Lip and all the other members of the group will have a lot of success once all of the members are introduced to the public.

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