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NU'EST Baekho Accused Of Sexual Assult Due To Online 'Proof'

By Chaeil Lee | June 22, 2017 02:54 AM EDT

Unfortunately, NU'EST's good news of shining in the spotlight didn't last long after member Baekho was accused of sexual assault! But how can this be true? The alleged victim uploaded proof of a recorded conversation shared between them on a popular online community board. 

According to various outlets, the victim accused Baekho of sexually assaulting her 8 years ago, when she was in her first year of junior high and Baekho was in his second year. They attended the same school and had been on their way back home in the school bus when the incident occurred. She revealed the drive back was about 30 minutes long during the time of the assault. 

Disturbingly enough, the victim uploaded a dirty and detailed description of the sexual assault incident on the community board and left many readers feeling quite uncomfortable! Proceed with caution.

She stated that Baekho was sitting next to her and holding her hand, saying, "Ah, it's cold." She stated that she'd thought it was weird, but they were close, so she ignored the awkward situation and responded, "I'm cold, too!" She then accused him of putting his bag on her thighs, then touching her thighs, her chest over her school uniform, between her legs, and the rest of her body. The user continued that she couldn't fight back and that upon leaving the bus, Baekho smiled lightly and waved good-bye.

The victim didn't stop there. Due to the increase of NU'EST's popularity and seeing Baekho's face, she felt triggered and reminded of the awful past and had unique demands in response to it. She revealed she e-mailed Pledis Entertainment, asking for some sort of statement from him and the agency. She also asked that Baekho stepped down from 'Produce 101' if the accusations were true, but she received no answer. Perhaps Pledis won't reply at all.

However, that wasn't the end of her rampage. The victim even contacted Baekho personally via contact. He did reply, but mostly ignored her threats and other messages. Wise decision. Pledis and the victim have both gotten involved with the police and are trying to assess the matter before releasing any more future statements. What do you think of the scandal?

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