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JellyFish Entertainment Responds To VIXX Scandal

By Chaeil Lee | August 21, 2017 01:45 PM EDT

VIXX's Leo has been the center of attention among netizens for his recent taboo-actions towards a fan. Now, Jellyfish Entertainment has responded to the matter.

Last year, a website master called 'Close To You,' revealed herself as being VIXX Leo's biggest fan. She had thrown him a private and personal birthday party which the idol had attended and fans felt his actions were suspicious.

Now photos have surfaced of the idol meeting with the controversial fan yet again - and fans are angered especially when he posted last year that fans and idols should not have personal relationships before making his SNS accounts private.

The fan came to support him at a recent event with food and the two were seen leaving together. Jellyfish Entertainment responded to fans anger by saying, "Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. We are releasing a statement in regards to the posts that have spread on the internet yesterday. We are informing you through this notice after the false rumors and the dissemination of attacks on the character of one our artists and the company." They continued, "First of all, it is completely false that the artist met the individual (the person in the photo) in his own separate time. The fan was met coincidentally when the artist (Leo) was hurrying inside to practice for his musical 'Mata Hari'. The photo was taken in a rushed moment of greeting while passing by so it was a situation that was difficult to restrict the fan. We now ask everyone to refrain from misinterpreting the situation and leaving malicious comments." 

They continued saying,  "Also, the participation of the supporter (the fan) was not discussed in advance and the member was actually forcibly removed from the fan club back in November 2016 resulting in the person not being able to participate in any supporting events anymore. However, the person involved in the situation was using a different name this time which made it difficult to confirm the individual. We will pay more attention to details in the future. Lastly, we are informing you once again that we will legally be taking legal action against all the online aggression, defamation, and creation of false rumors. Thank you very much."  What do you think of their response towards this fan-sensitive topic?

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