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'SNL Korea' Staff Apologizes For 'Homosexual Nurse Skit' Following Complaints From Korean Nurse Association

By Jesse Lent | May 27, 2013 04:23 PM EDT

The cast of "Saturday Night Live Korea" apologized Saturday for a sketch in the previous week's episode, which featured guest host Hong Seok Cheon making unsavory advances towards a male patient.

Entitled the "Homosexual Nurse Skit," the "SNL" bit showed Hong, who was portraying a nurse, asking the male patient (played by Shin Dong Yup) non-professional questions like "what is your name?" or "what is your phone number?"

A twist on a recurring sketch called "The Third Hospital," the "Homosexual Nurse Skit" reportedly sparked outrage from the Korean Nurse Association, who charged that "SNL Korea" was calling into the question the professionalism of the country's nurses, according to the website Soompi.

"We recently received a complaint from the Korean Nurse Association about the way nurses were portrayed during our 'The Third Hospital' skit," cast member and former Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation broadcaster Choi Il-gu said during the "Weekend Update" portion of Saturday's broadcast.

"We apologize to nurses and other people around them that might have been hurt by the skit."

Although predominately known for featuring K-pop's top stars, "Saturday Night Live Korea" has also featured international talent, like American pop singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, who appeared on the May 18 episode where the controversial "homosexual nurse skit" was aired.

The episode also included South Korean celebrities variety star Sam Hammington, politician Lee Jun Seok, retired Korean soccer player Song Chong Gug and singers JK Kim Dong Wook and Younha.

Four days before the non-nurse-friendly "SNL Korea" broadcast, head producer An Sang Hui promised CJ E&M enewsWorld that the episode's lineup would offer a night to remember.

"Celebrities from various areas will be putting on 'SNL Korea's trademark sexy and dumb humor along with self-parodies and self-disses in the show's skits to heat up this Saturday night," An said.

The heat the show came under from the Korean Nurse Association was probably not what the producer had in mind.

But "Saturday Night Live Korea" is attempting a bold new direction, according to another producer.

"We'll be taking another step from the original actor, singer, idol star and comedian hosts we've featured before to bring in politicians, sports stars and celebrities rarely seen on variety," the producer said.

"Through this feat, 'SNL Korea' will be able to cover more ground and colors."

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