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Daniel Of DMTN's Hearing For Marijuana Distribution Charges Postponed A Third Time: Warrant Issued For Bianca Mobley's Arrest

By Jesse Lent | June 04, 2013 04:56 PM EDT

Singer Daniel of the South Korean boy band DMTN has had his court hearing for marijuana distribution charges postponed a third time on in Seoul on Tuesday.

The 22-year-old K-pop star was reportedly the only defendant to show up for the Tuesday court date.

"The justice department changed the trial date, so we did not go to court," Daniel's attorney said.

"We were not given the details on why the date was changed."

Television personality Bianca Mobley, also implicated in a marijuana growing and distribution ring that led to 16 arrests according to Yonhap News Agency, failed to show up in court once again.

"Even though we requested Bianca Mobley's attendance multiple times and warned her, she has not attended," the judge said.

"We will be issuing a warrant for her arrest."

Mobley's attorney pleaded with the court that his client is not well.

"Her current state of health isn't very good," he said. "We submitted her hospital diagnosis to the court."

The lawyer refused to elaborate on what Bianca Mobley's health problem's are.

The probe that led to Daniel and Mobley's arrest is allegedly centered around a 34-year-old musician named Shin.

In addition to playing in a local rock band, Shin also grew marijuana in the mountains of the Jeongsun in Gangwon Province, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA).

"An investigation shows that Shin collected marijuana in person and sold it to his acquaintances due to financial difficulties while working as a member of the indie band," an SMPA officer said last month.

Daniel and Mobley are two of the 16 people arrested for smoking or distributing the pot that Shin grew in the mountains.

"Most of the suspects were in their early 20s and had previously studied abroad in the U.S. where the culture is relatively lenient toward drug use," the officer said.

"They had no sense of guilt."

Most famous for her role on the Korean Broadcasting System TV program "Global Talk Show," Mobley allegedly introduced Daniel to Shin.

Back in March, at the time of Mobley's arrest, a representative for the celebrity told CJ E&M enewsWorld that she had already plead guilty to some of the alleged crimes.

"Ms. Mobley admitted to a part of the crimes she is being charged for," he said.

"We can′t however, tell you exactly what she said, due to privacy issues."

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