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Lee Hyori Throws Boyfriend Lee Sang Soon A Curveball: 'You Think You Have Me? Don't Be So Sure' Singer Says

By Jesse Lent | June 06, 2013 06:19 PM EDT

One particular moment of Lee Hyori's appearance on Wednesday's episode of the Korean Broadcasting System show "Happy Together 3," may have gotten her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon's attention.
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One particular moment of Lee Hyori's appearance on Wednesday's episode of the Korean Broadcasting System show "Happy Together 3," may have gotten her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon's attention.

When the issue of marriage was brought up, Lee Hyori explained why she felt more open discussing her current relationship with the press.

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"I've never dated publicly before. I think that's why I can talk more comfortably about him," the star said, before issuing Lee Sang Soon an eye-opening warning.

"I always dated thinking that this man would be my last love, but I've failed, you think you have me? Don't be so sure."

The jokingly threatening comments were a a far cry from Lee Hyori's statements last week on the South Korean radio program "Kim Bum Soo's Music Plaza."

The 34-year-old Queen of K-pop said that although her and her boyfriend don't have any concrete wedding plans, she likes the idea of being married to him.

"If I were to get married, I'd like Lee Sang Soon to be my husband," Lee Hyori said.  "But we haven't made any concrete plans for that yet."

K-pop's Queen of the "Bad Girls" laid out the complicated chronology that eventually led to her and her boyfriend getting together in the Wednesday interview.

"I met Lee Sang Soon through [South Korean songwriter] Jung Jae Hyung," Lee Hyori said.

"Back then, I was kind of hyperactive and bold, so apparently he didn't like that. I thought that we weren't meant to be, but then I ran into him again a year later at a concert. So I decided to try to make it work, but then he had a scandal with someone else."

But fate seemed to pull the couple back together.

"So I started dating someone else right away," the singer explained.

"We dated other people, broke up with them, but in the end we started to date each other."

Lee Hyori's single "Bad Girls" is currently the number two song on Billboard's K-Pop Hot 100, after spending last week at number one.

The song also topped South Korea's GAON Digital and Download charts, along with Lee's other single "Miss Korea," which is currently number 17 on the Billboard K-pop charts.



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