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MBC "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conference: Moon Geun Young, Kim Bum and More [PHOTOS]

June 30, 2013 02:43 AM EDT

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  • MBC "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conferencekey=>0 count58
  • "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conferencekey=>1 count58
  • "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conferencekey=>2 count58
  • "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conferencekey=>3 count58
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MBC "Jung Yi, The Goddess of Fire" Press Conference / Credit: KpopStarz

Press Conference Held on June 27, 2013. Picture Oder: Jin Ji Hee - Kim Bum - Lee Sang Yoon - Moon Geun Young - Seo Hyun Jin 

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