Kim Kardashian Baby Records Hacked; Hospital Staff Sacked

By Staff Writer | July 14, 2013 03:00 PM EDT

Kim Kardashian’s baby records may have been hacked. The hospital where Kim Kardashian had her baby, North West, fired staff for for hacking Kim Kardashian’s medical records. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have tried to keep their baby out of the public eye and guarded their privacy.

Kim Kardashian’s baby records were hacked at the West Hollywood hospital, who has reportedly fired six employees for hacking medical records. Kim Kardashian’s baby records among them.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the security breaches happened while Kim Kardashian was at the hospital after she had her baby on June 15. The breaches happened between June 18 and June 24. Four of the Cedars-Sinai Hospital employees who were let go worked for physicians who had access to medical staff privileges at the hospital. One of the employees was a medical assistant worked at the hospital. Another was a student research assistant, which was an unpaid position. Five of the workers looked at one patient’s record, the other hacker looked at 14 files.

A spokeswoman at Cedars-Sinai Hospital didn’t say specifically whose records were hacked. The spokesman announced that the victims were immediately told about the incident.

Kim Kardashian confirmed to TMZ that she was contacted by Cedars-Sinai and told about the security breach and the protocol as it related to her medical records. TMZ also confirmed that the phone call confirmed Kardashian family suspicions that leaks were coming from the hospital. Kim and Kanye knew this because so much information was showing up in the media that they were keeping secret. Such as the cost of her stay. TMZ said Kim Kardashian was happy to hear from the hospital and happy that the staff was fired.

Similar breaches happened at UCLA Health System. The Los Angeles Times reported that empoyees “snooped into the medical records of Britney Spears, Farah Fawcett, and Maria Shriver, among others.”

 by Tony Sokol

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