Shirley Jones Book Recasts the Mom on the ‘Partridge Family’ as One Hot 'Highly Sexed' MILF

By Tony Sokol | July 23, 2013 03:06 PM EDT

Now we know why there were so many kids on the “Partridge Family.” Shirley Jones new book, “Shirley Jones,” which comes out on Tuesday, July 23, is a sexy tell-all from a “highly sexed” TV icon.

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Shirley Jones new book spends a lot of time on her troubled marriage to David Cassidy’s father, Jack Cassidy, who Shirley Jones calls a well-endowed “sexual svengali.” David Cassidy played Shirley Jones’ son, the lead-singing teen idol of the TV band The Partridge Family, but she was not his mom in real life, just married to his father.

Shirley Jones met Jack when she was a virginal small-town 21-year-old girl. She says "he taught me a lot about everything. Absolutely everything. I learned about life with Jack, about parties with Jack, drinking with Jack, design with Jack. He was bright, well-read, smart."

Shirley Jones dishes out some steamy secrets. She says that she was very tolerant of Jack Cassidy’s playing around, with other women and other men, including the songsmith Cole Porter. Jones even spills some X-rated tales of threesomes with another woman. She says her own sexual nature made orgasms a happy routine. She says she was nothing like her character in “The Music Man” from 1962. Shirley Jones played a spinster librarian named Marian. She may be more like the vengeful prostitute she played “Elmer Gantry” from 1960, with Burt Lancaster. The role that won her an Academy Award.

She also spills the beans on some of Hollywood’s leading men. Shirley Jones says Marlon Brando was the king of the retakes and worked the crew to exhaustion and Jimmy Stewart was charmingly ditsy. Jones reveals that Richard Widmark was the only co-star she fell in love with. She says "I liked my job, but when I came home, I never thought of it."

Shirley Jones would never have written this book when she was young, this is a book for grown-ups and most of her fans are probably just about the right age to appreciate it. She says "I never would have written this book if I weren't the age I am now."

Shirley Jones is best known as the mother on “The Partridge Family” and Hollywood musicals like “Oklahoma!” and "Carousel" and in movies with Marlon Brando and James Stewart, but that squeaky clean image she brought into America’s homes every week was just acting. She warns “So bring out the smelling salts, hang onto your hats, and get ready for the surprise of your lives!”

Jones has been married to the comedian Marty Ingels for 35 years and she hopes this book puts an end to the tired idea that sex is for the young, “Luckily, Marty thinks I've still got a beautiful body, even though it is old, and every now and again I take all of my clothes off in front of him and shake my tits at him, and he loves it.”

Marty Jones said "All that stuff she did with her husband (Cassidy), all those adventures .... I'm looking into the grounds of having my marriage annulled."

Shirley’s not worried about shocking people though. She says "What came to me is, 'I did this, and obviously I loved it when I was doing it. I had a great time. I have no regrets whatsoever."

The 79-year-old actress is still acting. Shirley Jones recently appeared on the TV shows “Hot in Cleveland” and “Raising Hope.”

by Tony Sokol

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