Amanda Bynes Taken Away After Driveway Fire Gas Bomb Singes Her Dog; Could Have Taken Out The Neighbordhood (Video)

By Staff Writer | July 24, 2013 04:28 PM EDT

Amanda Bynes’ driveway fire gas bomb was more dangerous than originally thought. Amanda Bynes' driveway fire gas bomb was made on top of a gas and she used with her dog as the wick. The Amanda Bynes 911 caller said he was witnessing a makeshift gas bomb in the works and it could have taken out the neighborhood. Amanda Bynes was taken away to a psych ward.

Amanda Bynes started a fire with a canister of gas in the driveway of an elderly woman's house in Thousand Oaks, Calif., on Monday night. The fire that Amanda Bynes was trying to light was thought to be a small fire, but Perez Hilton, reported that the cloth Amanda Bynes set fire to was sitting on top of a gas tank. It would have made a huge explosion. Amanda Bynes put a flaming cloth on top of a gas tank, the 911 call said. The caller couldn’t tell if the gas tank was full or not.

The woman who owns the house Bonnie Braaten told Us magazine"I have no idea what she was doing. I don't even think she has an idea what she was doing. The sheriff told me that Amanda was incapable of giving good answers," she added. "I never saw her. She was already in custody or wherever she was taken."

Witnesses saw Amanda Bynes lying near the driveway with her pants leg on fired. Her dog was burned. Amanda took off in a cab when she was spotted. (At least this time she had cab fare. Byrnes showed up a drunk earlier this week at retirement home. She was kicked off the property but didn’t have money to pay for a taxi. The cops showed up, but didn’t arrest her.)

One witness told TMZ, "I saw this girl laying down right here with her left pant leg on fire. I quickly pulled over and there was this gas can right here and it's trailing fire.. Pull over, went to go help her and the flames, by then, extinguished out. She went over there to get her dog -- she had a small like Chihuahua . . . She was really frantic like she wanted to get out of there. She was like, 'My dog has been burnt.'"

According to TMZ, surveillance video shows that after Amanda Bynes took off she headed to liquor store and ran into the back room. The store owner followed the former Disney star into the employees only area and found her washing her pet Pomeranian in the sink. The owner said she smelled like gas.

The Sheriff’s office said Amanda Bynes was taken away and hospitalized on a 5150 hold after the “disturbance in a residential neighborhood."

Captain Don Aguilar of Ventura County Sheriff's Office said "She was detained and taken for a mental health evaluation. Ventura County Fire Dept. also responded to this incident in reference to a report of a gas can on fire in a driveway."

Amanda remains in 5150 psychiatric lockup.

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