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B.A.P Receives Overwhelming Responses At Open Press Conference In Singapore, ‘We Are Always Striving To Do Our Best’

By Staff Writer | August 11, 2013 08:30 PM EDT

B.A.P proves that they are a formidable force in the K-Pop industry even though they've just made their debut last year! The young and powerful Korean boy band consisting of Yongguk, Himchan, Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Zelo was back in Singapore for their 'Live On Earth' tour, which was the last stop of their tour before their encore concert in Seoul on the August 17 and 18.

Their open press conference on August 7 attracted hundreds of fervent teenagers and working ladies alike, crowding out City Square Mall within seconds with some enthusiastic fans filling the mall since noon. It was also reported that many fans queued for two days straight at the stadium to buy tickets.

Their fans' enthusiasm was definitely not gone unnoticed by the boys and the appreciative leader Yongguk said, "As much as all of you have worked hard, B.A.P will present the best performances to everyone." Youngjae added "We have lots of special performances lined up and we will be performing new songs as well", telling fans to look forward to their concert which garnered screams from excited fans.

"Through BADMAN, we are showing our colours as B.A.P while showing a new style to everyone as well," said Jongup when asked about their third mini-album, BADMAN. In response to what awards the group hopes to receive over the next year, maknae Zelo said, "We would be very thankful if we receive awards. We are always striving to do our best, especially in promoting our current new album now." The boys mentioned that they hope to receive lots of support from the fans and will do their best in their promotions for the current new album.

It came as no surprise when the emcee asked the members to name the "bad man" in the group - to which Jongup innocently replied "Himchan hyung", making the crowd burst out in laughter. When asked next about the "good man" in the group, Jongup pointed out Yongguk without hesitation, making the shy leader embarrassed as he proceeded to applaud for himself.

On other matters, Himchan shared that the local food they missed in Singapore was the Chili Crab and to the emcee's further probing, he leaked that they will be having the famous Singaporean dish for dinner later that night.

At the end of the press conference, the boys stood at the front of the stage for a photo taking session. It was a relief for the fans at the back who can finally get to see the members clearer. The fans' efforts are not in vain as the members gave some fan service when posing for the cameras. Notably, Daehyun formed a heart with his arms as a fan service to fans, leaving fans dazzled before he headed off the stage.

With B.A.P's sincerity and unique style, it is no wonder that they managed to secure a large fan base in Singapore when they've only been here once (for their label-mate SECRET's fan meet). Even though it was a short press conference, it was definitely a memorable evening for B.A.P and their fans. The boys are currently active with their BADMAN promotions and it is for certain they are receiving lots of love and support from not just their native fans but their overseas fans as well!

Writer: Eileen C. | Photo Credits: Ong Melin

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