Club Penguin Codes 2013: Earn 43,200 Coins For Free; “Penguin Me With Blond Hair? I’m Very Excited,” Brady of Teen Beach Movie Told; Summer Jam Starts Tomorrow [MUSIC]

By Staff Writer | August 21, 2013 07:41 AM EDT

Redeem thousands of coins using Club Penguin codes 2013.

Tomorrow will be the start of an exciting day in the Island as Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam is set to take over in Disney's kid-friendly virtual world. And to help you gear up for the biggest summer party yet, make sure you fill your pockets with thousands of virtual coins you can earn by converting Club Penguin codes 2013.

Players need to take note that Club Penguin codes 2013 are only redeemable once by each member of the online world. You can redeem them by logging on to Club Penguin account and then clicking on the "Unlock Items Online" before selecting a server. Afterwards, select the "I've got a code" option and then type in any of the Club Penguin codes 2013 from the list provided below.

The Club Penguin codes 2013 listed below are categorized based on months they were released by Disney Interactive, the game publisher of the famous virtual world.

Below are Club Penguin codes 2013 released by Disney on February. Two of them were item codes worth Purple Dragon Costume and Popcorn Hand Item.

  •  PINTE400
  •  OCULOS12
  •  HAPPYCNY - Purple Dragon Costume
  •  FILMSTAR - Popcorn Hand Item

Furthermore, for those who haven't yet redeem the Club Penguin codes 2013 for March, they are listed below. All of these Club Penguin codes 2013 are worth 500 coins each, except for a special one with a value of a whopping 5000 coins.

  •  J69RUTA2
  •  TUBERIDE - 5000 coins
  •  COOKIE90
  •  12CANNON

Meanwhile, Club Penguin codes 2013 for August are listed below. One of these Club Penguin codes is worth a Super Hero Mask and 500 coins, while the rest are worth 500 coins each.

  •  LOLZ2331
  •  SCHUSS21
  •  HELDEN74
  •  MASQUE01 - Super Hero Masque + 500 Coins

Below are Club Penguin codes 2013 for May and June.

  •  14COOKIE
  •  ORANGE20
  •  SILVER21
  •  CAMERA90
  •  HIPHOP18
  •  DISNEYMU - Percy Costume

For July 2013 codes, Club Penguin released 8 codes.

  •  MISTERIO - 700 coins
  •  BARONFEL - Fighter Pilot Costume

Lastly, if you are looking for the most recent Club Penguin codes 2013, below is the list of codes released for Augusts.

  •  BRONCE21
  •  VERDE201
  •  COBRAS08

Aside from redeeming all the Club Penguin codes 2013 shown above, there is another thing to look forward to in the Island. Tomorrow, August 22, Club Penguin: Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam will arrive in the online world.

Meanwhile, the stars of Teen Beach Movie, Ross Lynch and Chrissie Fit, playing the roles of Brady and Cheechee, respectively were interviewed by Whit Honea of Honea Express and for the upcoming Club Penguin: Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam.

During the interview, Ross Lynch said, "I used to play Club Penguin when I was younger and when this came up I was like "No way! Club Penguin!"

Meanwhile, Chrissie Fie told that she created a new Club Penguin account and "and couldn't believe all the new things, the cool things, going on." She further said, "It's super fun."

Furthermore, when they were asked by Whit Honea about what was it like working with Club Penguin, Cheechee of Teen Beach Movie said, "We didn't know at all what they were going to do, how they were going to change the island, or how they were going to incorporate the movie, and when we got a sneak peak of it, it was incredible. The players really get a chance to be in the movie."

Talking about video games, Ross revealed, "You know, there has always been a part of me that wanted to be inside a video game... and it's always been a secret of mine that I wanted to be animated into an animal that looks like me... and a penguin me with blond hair? I'm very excited."

Meanwhile, Chrissie Fit shared, "It's kind of surreal. When they first showed us the penguins I was literally shocked. I'm a penguin! I'm really grateful that we have the outlets now to interact with fans in this sort of way."

Furthermore, for those who can't wait for the upcoming Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, Ross Lynch gave some advice to fans, saying, "Right, go out and surf! I think the Club Penguin event is such a great opportunity for fans to find out what kind of character they would be in the movie, to put their own spin on it. It's like they get to be part ofTeen Beach Movie.

To read the whole interview, you can visit this link.

Listen to this cool song for the beach summer party as well!

Make sure to redeem Club Penguin codes 2013 before Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam begins tomorrow. The exciting beach party will run until September 3.

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