Luscious Jackson Reunite for Magic Hour First Album Since 1999; Fans Pay for Album, Say `Show Us What You Got’ (Audio) (Video)

By Tony Sokol | September 14, 2013 01:22 AM EDT

Luscious Jackson’s new album 2013: Magic Hour will be their first since 1999’s “Electric Honey,” which gave us the hit “Ladyfingers.”

Luscious Jackson is back.

With a funky grunge riff from Gabby Glaser with Jill Cunniff on the bottom over a syncopated dance beat by Kate Schellenbach, Luscious Jackson released the first single “Show Us What You Got” off their upcoming “Magic Hour.” And it sounds just them.

The fans made it happen by paying for the sessions via Fans’ pledges ranged from a basic $10 album download to a $10,000 house concert. Pledges passed Luscious Jackson’s goal within 48 hours. They are still taking pledges for remaining packages at

Luscious Jackson have been teasing with details about the recordings and on Facebook for about a year and have finally announced they will what’s being called their comeback album, “Magic Hour” on November 5.

New York City natives Luscious Jackson are releasing “Magic Hour” on their own City Song imprint. Magic Hour was produced by Jill Cunniff and Gabby Glaser, except the track “So Rock On,” where they got some help from Adam Horovitz from the Beastie Boys. Luscious Jackson and the Beasties were label mates and and Kate Shellenback used to be the Beastie Boys’ drummer. Luscious Jackson’s first LP,

1994’s “Natural Ingredients” was put out through the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label. “Magic Hour” is Luscious Jackson’s fourth studio album.

Jill Cuniff said "When we were making the new album, we felt like we did when we were making our first demos. We were just smiling and laughing all the time because we rediscovered a musical connection we all really loved and missed."

Word first leaked that Luscious Jackson had reunited last year. Jill Cunniff told CNN "I hope there's nostalgia, that's great, but it has nothing to do with what we're doing. It's just because the time is exactly right to do it. Five years ago, there wasn't this type of social network connection, connectivity. I think now people really miss that spirit of another time. People were really sad to hear we broke up and I guess now those people realizing that we're reuniting and they're writing about how happy they are. It's great. We're older now so the lyrics are different. There probably won't be cursing. I was listening to the old stuff and there was a lot of cursing. I'm not feeling like curses in my lyrics right now. But I don't feel like an old person. It's definitely not like, 'Oh, we're adult contemporary now.'"

Luscious Jackson, which gets their name from Celtics and 76ers center Lucious Jackson, formed in 1991. They were mutual habitués of the downtown New York City music scene and they mixed a concrete blend of the street sounds: punk, funk, rap, jazz, acoustic, electric, samples and “Natural Ingredients” to make a sound all their own. After making a demo from their tip money, Jill Cunniff and Gabby Glaser recorded their first Luscious Jackson demo. Their first live show was opening for Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys, who asked Luscious Jackson to be the first band on their Grand Royal label. Gabby and Jill, with a little late help from Kate Shellenback, put out the EP “In Search of Manny” and it snagged the 1992 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Best EP award.

Luscious Jackson, Jill Cunniff on bass, guitar and vocals; Gabby Glaser on guitar, bass and vocals; Vivian Trimble on keyboards and vocals and Kate Schellenbach on drums, released their first full-length studio album “Natural Ingredients” on Grand Royal/Capitol in 1994. The same year they jumped on the Lollapalooza tour and supported R.E.M. in an arena tour.

“Natural Ingredients” produced three hits, "CitySong (NY State Of The World)," "Deep Shag" and "Here," which was on the soundtrack and in in the Alicia Silverstone film “Clueless” (the video saw them playing on a roller derby rink). They were the musical guests on Saturday Night Live.

Luscious Jackson’s second album “Fever In Fever Out” came out in 1996. Produced by Daniel Lanois, it featured the hit “Naked Eye.” Luscious Jackson made the rounds of Jay Leno, David Letterman, Viva Variety, MTV’s 120 Minutes, Sessions at 54th and Holiday Gap Ads.

Keyboardist Vivian Trimble left Luscious Jackson after the band finished their world tour. Jill Cunniff and Vivian Trimble put out the album “Klassics With A `K’" under the name Kostars in 1996. It was recorded by Josephine Wiggs, bass player of The Breeders, at Kate Schellenback’s home studio and also featured Gabby Glazer.

Luscious Jackson’s third album, 1999’s Electric Honey was recorded as a trio. Vivien Trimble formed a house music group named the Cooler Kids in 2002. Luscious Jackson put out a Greatest Hits compilation in 2006. Jill Cunniff put out solo album, “City Beach,” in 2007.

For further information, upcoming live dates and more, stay tuned to:

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