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SNSD During "Le Grand Journal" Appearance Fans Cheer in Korean!!

February 09, 2012 08:21 PM EST

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SNSD "Le Grande Journal" Appearance Fans Cheer in Korean

The Girls' Generation members were featured on "Le Grand Journal" on the 9th and performed "The Boys."

The audience at the show were going crazy when the SNSD girls appeared on stage. Fans yelled out the SNSD signature cheer "SNSD right now, SNSD in the future, SNSD forever!" in perfect Korean. Even the host of the show Michel Denisot expressed his surprise by saying that it is very unusual for his audience to be so excited. 

After their performance of "The Boys" ended, there was a brief talking session with the host. SNSD members explained that they are a 9-girl-member group who have all been casted when they were young. They also said that it was their second time in France but first time appearing on TV and that they are so thankful for all the positive support.

Same day, the SNSD girls took part in "La Boite a questions" (Question box) and answered various questions, which will be aired on the 10th. 

Girls' Generation will be appearing on the 9th AND the 10th episodes of Le Grand Journal which, we expect, will be watched by a great number of people in France.

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