Kordell Stewart VS Porsha Stewart: He's 'Ashamed' She Is Spreading Gay Rumors [WATCH HER HINT HOMOSEXUALITY] Real Housewives Of Atlanta Insults NFL Player On Season 6 Promo

By Staff Writer | October 15, 2013 04:42 PM EDT

Is Kordell Stewart Gay? Portia certainly makes viewers question her ex husband's sexual preference in her Real Housewives of Atlanta season 6 TV promo. Kordell Stewart is ashamed at his ex Porsha Stewart for continuing the gay rumors that he has faught in the past.  After Porsha hinted that Kordell might actually not be completely straight, the once loving, married, reality couple have started a war. Who's telling the truth? Kordell or Porsha Stewart?

Is Kordell 'ashamed' of Porsha because his ex wife might know too much and is blabbing about the NFL star all over national television? Maybe Kordell Stewart actually is gay. But also Porsha Stewart could just be adding drama to her storyline on RHOA? We all know how easy it is to get fired on the Bravo's Real Housewives fanchise if your life doesn't have enough drama and freshman Atlanta cast memeber, Porsha Stewart, is no exception to their firing.

Kordell Stewart released a statement defending himself from Porsha and expressing he's upset and ashamed with his ex for continuing the rumors saying:

"I'm very ashamed of my wife Porsha for saying something that she knows is not true at all. The rumors have never been true. I'm not gay. It is sad that she would target the homosexual community which often times lacks support to begin with. It is very disappointing that she will do anything and say anything for a minute of so-called fame. She can have that life, I just want to continue to be the best single dad and father that I can for my son."

Porsha Stewart hints that her ex is gay on the promo for The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The reality star that once raved about her husband's manhood is now talking very differently about her ex Cordell Stewart.

Porsha once defended Kordell when asked if Kordell was gay saying "He's more man to me than I have ever met. So for me gay is just out of the window." But since her divorce Porsha is saying something quite different about Kordell and his sexuality.

While tearing up fpr the camera Porsha Stewart said on the new promo for the sixth season of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta that "Kordell didn't necessarily want me physically and that made me wonder, what does he want?" We are wondering too! Porsha Stewart is pretty cute so what does the NFL player want? Is the football player changing teams?

Months after her tearful divorce from Kordell Stewart, where Porsha was informed of their split from Kordell via Twtter and not from his own mouth, Porsha breaks her silence on Kordell's sexuality and hints that her ex is possibly gay. 

When asked if her divorce is all for publicity Porsha was hurt saying:

"It's just crazy. I mean, everyday I hear just the craziest thing about this situation online. For me, I just feel like that's the worst thing to possibly do is to play with marriage. It's already hard enough and for me, the situation is already so unfortunate, for people to say that it's fake, that's what hurts," she said.

Well now we know for sure that their relationship is over spilling the juicy information on Kordell's sexual preference. That marriage has deinitely plumetted. 

And how else is the Atlanta Housewife getting retalliation on her ex? With all of her growing businesses.

The reality has started a new company called the Naked Hair Collection. Naked Hair Collection is 100% naked, virgin hair that prices at $72.00 per bundle. Stewart's Naked Hair is ideal for weave- wearing women on a tight budget.

Porsha may also have a music album in the works.  Her heartbreaking divorce from her ex is not going to slow his Atlanta Housewife down.

The Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart divorce may be ugly but that isn't stopping Porsha from making a music album. Porsha was paid big bucks in the divorce settlement and she's putting it towards her budding music career.

Porsha Stewart will join many of the other Real Housewives of Atlanta and other women in the Bravo franchise in making a music album. Stewart might be making the music to take her mind off of her heart breaking divorce from Kordell, but some people actually think Porsha can sing.

On the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Porsha got up and sang Amazing Grace. Was it good? You decide. Watch below. Personally I think her voice is perfectly fine for Kareoke night, but not making a music career out of it. But it's nice that Porsha is not focusing on her divorce from NFL star, Kordell Stewart, which Porsha found out about via Twitter.

Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart are having a divorce that's going to be very lucrative for Porsha.  Kordell must pay the reality star $5,000 per month for the next three months when Porsha was awarded temporary spousal support from Kordell.

Kordell also has to pay for Porsha's moving costs and ship her things immediately to her or a storage facility.  After being told about her divorce on Twitter Porsha is having the last laughtaking after things went her way in court.

When she heard about her divorce Porsha was crushed. But now Porsha Stewart is definitely over Kordell. The RHOA start is currently dating Ralo Wonder, a Publishing Guru, Nascar team owner, reality show producer, TV, Film and Music Mogul after her bitter breakup. Maybe the new boyfriend will help Porsha with her new album!

On the last season of "Real Housewives of Atlants" Porsha and Kordell got in fights over his controlling ways, and Kordell's ultimatum to Porsha: babies or career.

Porsha also claims that the doors to her mansion were changed by Kordell Stewart without her knowing. But Kordell is now claiming that Porsha is lying and has posted the filed claims onlineto prove that she knew about the new locks.

Kordell Stewart claims, "(Porsha) established a routine of leaving (the) pre-marital residence without explanation and without consideration of the detrimental effects such behavior would have on the parties' marriage and (Kordell's) nine year old son."

The reality star once tried to work things out with Kordell in a mediation session, but she claims he blew the whole thing off and called it a "waste of everyone's time."


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