Fans Rally For YG Family At MAMA Awards 2013 Voting: 2NE1, GD, Lee Hi, Psy Nominated As Diplo Reveals CL, G-Dragon, Skrillex Collab!

By Staff Writer | October 24, 2013 01:04 PM EDT

Fans rally for YG Family at the MAMA Awards 2013. (Facebook)
(Photo : Facebook)

It's award season, and the YG Family is once again battling it out with other K-Pop idols at the MAMA Awards 2013!

For the YG Family, artists like Lee Hi, Psy, G-Dragon, 2NE1, and CL are all nominated in various categories for the MAMA Awards 2013.

2NE1 and G-Dragon are both nominated for "Artist of the Year," while 2NE1 is also nominated in "Best Female Group."

Lee Hi is nominated for "Best New Female Artist," while G-Dragon and Psy are nominated for "Best Male Artist" at the MAMA Awards 2013.

In addition, G-Dragon and CL are both nominated in the "UnionPay Song of the Year" category.

Right now, voting is underway for MAMA Awards 2013, and YG Family fans are rallying to vote for their favorite K-Pop acts.

Click here to vote for the MAMA Awards 2013.

In addition, Diplo has YG fans excited by revealing an upcoming collaboration between G-Dragon, CL, and Skrillex.

According to YG Ladies, Diplo recently participated in a Reddit AMA and revealed the news to fans of his collaboration with G-Dragon on "Coupe D'etat."

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