Cristiano Ronaldo’s Soccer Coach Praises Athlete To Mend Relations; Real Madrid Star Sports Branded Underwear Line

By Staff Writer | November 13, 2013 11:53 PM EST

Cristiano Ronalod’s soccer coach, Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho - also Portuguese- has rendered praise for the soccer star with intent of mending his relations with the player.

According to the U.K.’s Telegraph, there was tensions between the Portuguese duo towards the end of Mourinho’s time at Madrid who claims that the Portuguese soccer player is not able to accept constructive criticism.

“Coaching him was the highlight of my career,” says Mourinho, speaking with Portuguese sports paper A Bola.

“He’s the most professional player I’ve ever met. A coach and player may have their differences at a given time, but it ends there. I don't have any problem."

Cristiano has scored 120 goals in three years working with under Mourinho, but the manager explained this summer why his relationship with the athlete broke down.

"I had only one problem with him, very simple, very basic" he said, as noted by the U.K. Telegraph.

"When a coach criticises a player from a tactical viewpoint trying to improve what in my view could have been improved. And at this moment he didn't take it very well because maybe he thinks he knows everything and the coach cannot help him to develop anymore."

Cristiano is scheduled to play for Portugal’s World Cup play-off against Sweden despite him missing the training on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reports.

Off the field, it looks like the 28-year-old star is not only planning to dominate the world of soccer, but has taken a foothold in the world of fashion, not only as a model that he was for the Armani brand, but as a herald and owner of his very own underwear line, CR7. He recently launched the line with a 30ft high billboard of himself wearing a pair of CR7’s.

Following the list of soccer stars-turned-fashion models who has capitalized on their fame and incredible bodies to tout undergarments and perfume, CR7 is now for sale and is available on numerous retailers worldwide. Other soccer players who have been down the same road is David Beckham for Emporio Armani underwear and Freddie Ljunberg as a Calvin Klein model. David also had his own line of underwear for H&M.

The 7 in CR7 pertains to the number of the player on his jersey. He plays for Real Madrid in Spain and is on his way to breaking many records for the Spanish football team, according to the website

This isn’t the first time the world saw the celebrity sports star don skivvies. Last year he was the face of the Armani jeans campaign where he did a commercial coming out of the bathroom in his Armani underwear.

We'll watch out if Cristiano will sport his very own underwear line in matches to come.

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