How Much Do Teresa Giudice Children Know About Her Fraud Charges? [VIDEO] New Interview Reveals Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star's Kids' Knowledge

By Staff Writer | November 14, 2013 09:45 PM EST

How much do Teresa Giudice's children know about her fraud charges with husband Joe?  Teresa wants the children not to know anything about the charges and actually believes they are clueless. But we all know how dillusional Mrs. Giudice can be.

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it would be impossible to keep the giudice children in the dark. Tersa and Joe Giudice, stars of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey, are constantly living in the public eye with stories about them splashed all over magazines and the internet. So the children obviously must be informed on how scary the fraud charges are. In a new interview with Star Magazine, when Teresa was asked how much the children knew about her and her husbands fraud charges, Tre answered optimistically:

"The little ones know nothing. Gia knows a bit. But she is only concerned that we love her, and we always tell her we love her. If she has more questions, I will answer them. I wold rather her ask us than to hear things from other people who do not know us or the situation." 

Teresa adds, "Joe is always an optimist, but he realizes this is a serious situation. He looks forward to his day in court. He wants to move forward, and his only concern is for our family." 

Somehow I doubt that Teresa is telling the truth. If the children just went online or opened a magazine they would find out how much trouble their parents are in and they could continually research the serious natur of the charges. 

Joe and Teresa Guidice will very likely serve jail time, considering how much evidence prosecutors have on them. On Watch What Happens Live, ex prosecutor Nancy Grace quipped that Teresa and Joe Guidice 'are going down!' The outspoen HLN host is sure that not only is Joe guilty, but his wife Teresa is just as much an accomplice in their financial schemes. We will find out the childrens' futures in February 2014 when Joe and Teresa will both testify in court.

Joe and Teresa Giudice seem to have been living in denial until now, going to parties and posting fun twitter pics for some time now. But on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion Teresa admits that she 'cries herself to sleep' and she is 'nervous for her family.' Though she doesn't think she deserves the fraud charges, Teresa is starting to see that jail time is a huge possibility.

Although Teresa thinks that she won't be going to jail because a judge 'couldn't possibly take four children away from their mother' the possiblity of jailtime for the Jersey Housewife is very possible. 

In case you didn't know, Teresa and her husband Joe Giudice are facing a multitude of very serious charges which can result in a 50 year prison sentence each.

Below is a summary of their charges:

1) Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud: The indictment states that between 2001-2008, using the U.S. mail, private carriers and wire communications, they defrauded 7 different banks and mortgage lenders.

2) Bank Fraud: The indictment states 5 banks were defrauded by submitting applications with false tax returns, pay stubs, and W-2s that gave false salaries and income. In total they stole $4.5 million from various banks.

3) Loan Application Fraud: For making false statements in those bank loan applications

4) Bankruptcy Fraud: Concealment, False Oaths, False Declarations. These are 22 different counts alone. In essence, they lied to the BK courts (under oath) about their finances and they knowingly filed false documents to conceal their income. That's perjury. Tre & Joe never withdrew their bankruptcy, the courts denied their petition on suspicion of fraud.

5) Failure to Make Tax Returns: These counts are all against Joe, and claim he didn't file tax returns from 2004-2008.

On Watch What Heppens Live Teresa adds that "I can't fall apart. I have my daughters. They mean the world to me." Teresa may look strong for her four girls but on the inside we can be sure she is falling apart. We hope the outcome is positive for the sake of the children.



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