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Nichkhun's Love for Korea

February 20, 2012 02:06 PM EST

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Nichkhun's Love for Korea / Credit: Online Community

2PM Nichkhun's love for Korea is catching a lot of attention.

On the 20th the online community posted up various posts of 'Nichkhun's love for Korea in comparison to Block B's criticism' along with capture photos.

In the capture photos is from SBS 'StarKing' from June of 2010, where he played Yiruma's 'Kiss the Rain' with pianist Shin JiHo.

On this day, Nichkhun encouranged Shin JiHo, saying "I hope you show the world how amazing Korea, and how amazing Koreans are."

Nichkhun is from Thailand but shows a overflowing love for Korea, an action that is far superior to that of Block B after they visited Thailand.

Meanwhile, Block B was interviewed about the flood in Thailand in 'New Artist-Block B in Thailand', and they showed lack of seriousness when they replied "I hope they get comforted by our financial help. All we have is money. About 7 dollars?", buying much hatred and criticism.

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