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B1A4 CNU - More Handsome Without His Glasses

March 12, 2012 04:09 PM EDT

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B1A4 Shin Woo

On March 11, B1A4 released a teaser photo of the member CNU through the groups official website.

The photo of CNU shows one side of his head shaved and the other combed back. CNU is making a "I don't care" face expression and shows off a more mature and manly image.

The reason CNU received so much attention is because the photo reveals CNU without his glasses. CNU has worn his glasses for B1A4's appearances for their first two albums. B1A4's transformation is expected to be drastic after seeing CNU's photo.

B1A4 will release their new album that includes the title song 'Baby I'm Sorry' through various music sites this March 14. B1A4's comeback stage will be at the 'Mnet Countdown' on March 15th.

Meanwhile, CNU is currently appearing in the KBS sitcom called "We Need SunNyeo".

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