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Leeteuk Wants a Kiss From Kang Sora 'We Got Married'

March 17, 2012 09:32 PM EDT

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On the episode of 'We Got Married' that was aired on March 17, Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple and Donghae and Son Eun Seo couple went on a double date.

During the couple’s double date, the four of them sat down to eat churros. Leeteuk, who stuffed his churros into his mouth, got sugar all over his mouth. Seeing Leeteuk's mess, Kang Sora said "My grandpa" and began to look for a tissue. However, Leeteuk stuck out a little piece of the churro and sent Kang Sora a very passionate look.

Without realizing what Leeteuk was doing, Kang Sora kept looking for a tissue. Donghae, who saw everything said "Don't you see what he's trying to say.”

Kang Sora ignored Donghae's comment and wiped Leeteuk's mouth with a tissue like a little child. Leeteuk then complained, "You should have done it with your mouth" and made everybody laugh.

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