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Review: Sistar's Hyolyn Makes Her Sweetest Sound Yet With The 1990s R&B Sound Of 'Tonight' From The Album 'Love & Hate' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | December 06, 2013 10:31 PM EST

Five songs from "Love & Hate," the first solo album by Sistar singer Hyolyn (who also spells her name Hyorin) debuted in the Billboard K-pop top 40 this week.

But unfortunately, "Tonight," a song that is the clear highlight of the album, wasn't on the list.

Maybe it's because it's the final track on the 10-song album. Maybe its because it lacks the star-studded cameos from artists like Zico of Block B and Lil Boi of Geeks that are all over the rest of the album.

Whatever the reason, it's unfortunate that fans have overlooked "Tonight."

The rest of "Love & Hate" may include two of the South Korean hip-hop scene's most critically revered rappers, Dok2 and Mad Clown, but it is "Tonight" that clearly has the hardest beat.

The combination of the larger than life drum sequence and punchy keyboard sounds with Hyolyn's laid-back sultry vocals recalls 1990s R&B pioneers like Mary J. Blige and TLC.

It is not difficult to imagine TLC singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins doing her own smoky version of the "Tonight" melody.

Hyolyn's vocal performance on the final song of "Love & Hate" has a dreamy quality that comes across as way sexier than the deliberate vocal acrobatics she performs on the rest of the album.

In her effortless performance, she ends up exuding a vibe that is much more alluring.

While the concept of what is sexy can change drastically from person to person, there will always be something more appealing about someone with nothing to prove.

Perhaps, with the success of "Love & Death," Hyolyn's next album will all have the ease of "Tonight."

At the very least, the single reveals another side to an artist who has considerably more to offer the musical world than her post in Sistar allows her to demonstrate.

Listen to the song "Tonight" from Hyolyn's new solo album "Love & Hate" RIGHT HERE

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