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Review: CHEEZE Adds James Blake's Minimalist Production Style To Their Diverse Hip-Hop Sound On 'Balloons' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | December 17, 2013 09:57 PM EST

When British producer and songwriter James Blake released his debut self-titled album in 2011, he unveiled a style of minimalist production that was something strikingly new.

The sound of the 11 songs on "James Blake," and particularly the second single "The Wilhelm Scream" feature electronic sounds that sound human and arrangements that sound both meticulously crafted and starkly stripped down.

On "Balloons," the new single released on Monday by four-piece South Korean hip-hop outfit CHEEZE, the group uses the same hypnotic reverb-drenched studio production that Blake used to great effect to enhance their already eclectic sound.

And though by the one-minute mark the sound of "Balloons" has swelled to a more traditional hook than the UK producer would ever touch, CHEEZE continues to return to the stutter-stop sound that Blake is known for.

Probably best known themselves for their music video for the song "Mango," released in April, which portrayed two members of the group as characters in a video game where they faced laser-wielding giant cats, on "Balloons" CHEEZE proves they also have a serious side.

The group may not have seen much mainstream success, but rapper ?ASU, vocalist Dalchong and producers Moodi and Cloud compose one group in the world of Korean hip-hop you should keep your eye on, for their sonic diversity and impressive innovation.

Dalchong's vocals, a highlight of the group, never sound self-conscious or forced. Her voice shines with a beauty that is haunting.

And although CHEEZE isn't afraid to borrow a sound or two from a great producer like Blake, it is for a worthy cause--making records that no one in hip-hop is making right now, in South Korea and beyond.

Listen to "Balloons" the new single from the group CHEEZE Right HERE

Check out the music video for James Blake's groundbreaking single "The Wilhelm Scream" RIGHT HERE

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