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Last Night We Saw EXO Cry on 'EXO's Showtime'

By Staff Writer | December 21, 2013 03:33 AM EST

The episode of "EXO's SHOWTIME" that aired on December 19th showed EXO's emotional side.

The episode featured a gift exchange between the members. They chose the gifts by drawing straws. The gifts were diverse, unique, and a little weird. They also tested the "Dyo-dor" Theory through an arm wrestling contest. They also shed some tears as they watched "Miracle in Cell No. 7".

The gift-giving was the first segment of the program. Each member drew straws to pick their gift. The gifts varied greatly from Boba tea, their own picture, meat, letterheads, socks, to a copy of The Little Prince. The well-received gifts were presented by Luhan, Lay, and Kai. They brought bread, Ttukbokggi, and Taiyaki, respectively. Lay gave Ttukbokggi, a spicy Korean snack that students love, to Kris, saying that it was something they enjoyed as trainees. Kai gave Taiyaki, fish-shaped pastry that has red beans inside, to Lay, telling him that he got the Taiyaki from the store across the Ttukbokggi place that they frequented. Luhan also prepared bread in remembrance of their trainee days and gifted it to Tao. All the members nodded their heads while reminiscing their trainee days.

Next, EXO decided to test out the "Dyo-dor" theory, which stated that D.O. was the strongest EXO member. "Dyo" is the sound that they get when they pronounce D.O. very quickly, and the "-dor" was adopted from Russian MMA champion Fedor. They decided to have a left-arm wrestling competition, which was surprisingly won not by D.O. but Xiumin. Xiumin beat every member with a smile on his face. As it turns out, the strength of "Dyo-dor" is average among the members.

The members also discussed their tears. EXO received all the accolades an idol group can get in 2013, including the triple crown at "2013 Melon Music Awards" and Album of the Year at "2013 Mnet Asia Music Awards". They cried every time they were asked to speak on their award. As they began talking about tears, they began to pick on Kris, who cries every time he misses his mom in China.

EXO also spoke about Suho's tendency to sob. Suho was the only member who cried as EXO won the first places on national music programs. Tao lamented that Suho's tears looked fake. Suho spoke on that, saying, "I began to tear up, but I couldn't say a word because I am the leader, so I began to sob. I thought my mic wasn't on at the time, so I couldn't cry like I wanted to." His words made EXO laugh harder, and Suho vowed not to cry again on stage.

However, the crybaby of the group turned out to be none other than Tao. Tao explained, "I was too happy. We performed with twelve members for 'Wolf' and not one member complained that it was too difficult. We took the first place and broke many records. It's was difficult to perform as a Chinese in Korea but the members helped me out a lot."

EXO decided to see who is the biggest crybaby of them all by watching the incredibly moving movie "The Gift of Cell No.7". The members initially found the movie boring, with some members dozing off, but the second half of the movie was attended by all twelve members. Some members bawled at the sad ending, while some members silently shed some tears.

EXO has become a superstar idol group with their megahits "Wolf" and "Growl". Sure, the success may have been partially because EXO was produced by SM, one of Korea's top three entertainment companies. Their wide fan base that developed simultaneously in China and Korea also added to that success. However, as their Christmas gifts showed, their success was largely because of their hard work that began as trainees.

Tao's words and tears showed just how difficult it was for these twelve boys to become the group EXO. They had to compete arduously just to debut, but their first single was largely a flop. However, they never stopped giving it their all and finally became THE idol group of 2013.

They cry in different ways, but their tears showed their hard work.

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