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U.S. Billboard’s Favorite K-Pop Stars of 2013

By Staff Writer | January 02, 2014 05:50 AM EST

This year Billboard showed a special interest in K-pop stars. G-Dragon, EXO, SHINee, and other Korean groups ranked on Billboard charts, and gathered interest from overseas fans.

Of course, we can't forget about Psy, who first made a strong impact on a global scale with his K-pop music. This year's "Gentleman" was of course highlighted by Billboard as well.

YG Entertainment singers are appearing left and right on Billboard's official website. G-Dragon's "Coup D'etat" made the 'Top 50 Game-Changing EDM Tracks of 2013' Chart at 22nd place. G-Dragon was the only Korean singer to make the list. He also made the "Billboard 200" chart in September with his 2nd album, and stood at 182nd place.

Girl group 2NE1's CL was praised by Billboard as well this year. They noted, "CL's nude scene is much more glamorous than that of Miley Cyrus." 2NE1's song "Missing You" was released in November, and Billboard wrote, "There's no doubt that this music video is so popular because of CL's bold nude scene. Even when compared to Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball,' CL's nude scene was much more advanced; she expressed sadness very well."

Psy was just as popular this year. He took the number 1 spot in 6 different categories for Billboard's End of the Year special charts, revealed on the 11th. Psy ranked number 1 as Dance/Electronic Streaming Artist, Rap Streaming Artist, and World Digital Artist. His song "Gangnam Style" took the number 1 spot in the same categories for the songs.

Psy was awarded the Top Streaming Song Video in May at the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for his song "Gangnam Style."

Billboard also introduced CL as a solo artist in May with her solo song "The Baddest Female." Billboard commented, "CL has a definite personality not unlike that of Nicki Minaj. CL is tough, and shows off her rapper individuality with her big accessories. She even shows off her soft side at the end of the music video when she's dancing with children. G-Dragon and Taeyang's appearance was a great plus for their fans as well."

EXO's album took the number 1 spot on the Billboard World Album Chart. Their 1st album XOXO (Kiss & Hug) took the number 1 spot on the World Album Chart on June 22nd, and proudly showed off their global influence.

SHINee ranked in the top 10 on Billboard's 2013 Year End Chart, and proved their popularity as well.

BEAST, Trouble Maker, Kahi, and Crayon Pop also made the front page of Billboard's website with their music. It's obvious that K-Pop is ever growing, and becoming more popular than ever, even overseas in foreign countries.

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