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‘The King 2 Hearts’ Lee Seung Gi Became a King

April 13, 2012 05:37 PM EDT

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‘The King 2 Hearts’ showed Lee Seung Gi to inherit the throne in tears after Lee Sung Min who faced a pitiful death, drawing tears from the viewers.

MBC ‘The King 2 Hearts’ two consecutive episodes aired yesterday showed 12.6% rating for episode 7 while episode 8 recorded 14.4% rating according to AGB Nielson Media Research.

The two consecutive episodes of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ showed the reckless and audacious South Korean prince Lee Jae Hae to inherit the thorn as Lee Jae Kang the third South Korean king faced a pitiful death falling into Kim Bonggu’s plot.

Lee Jae Kang was enjoying a special vacation with the queen Park Hyun Joo at Anmyeondo after wrapping up the WOC and Kim Hang Ah and Lee Jae Ha’s engagement. Lee Jae Kang after drinking some wine called up Lee Jae Ha sharing, “Jae Ha you know how much I like you right? I like you and also Kim Hang Ah as well. Take some time to relax with a wide heart. Then you will experience heaven,” revealing his abounding love towards his younger brother. Lee Jae Kang and Park Hyun Joo were happy discussing about their future plans and their last conversation that they shared, “It’s been a while since I drank wine, now I’m tired,” “You should sleep. Now what is left is only good news.” Two of them have been assassinated by Kim Bonggu who held a grudge due to the marriage plan between North and South Korea as well as he was prohibited to enter South Korea. The viewers were shocked as the head advisor Eun Kyu Tae made a careless mistake which brought on the death of South Korea King causing such a tragic consequence.

Lee Jae Ha who was attending an event was probably devastated as Eun Kyu Tae reported, “The king has passed away,” however without any time to grieve the death he inherited the throne and proceeded to the work as king. Viewers were moved in tears as Lee Jae Ha was shown to fight back tears that gathered as he fulfilled his duty as king.

Lee Jae Ha drew attention as he was shown to comfort his mother and younger sister Lee Jae Shin who injured her spinal code and became paralyzed from waist down as she visited Lee Jae Kang at Anmyeondo. It’s that South Korean prince Lee Jae Ha who was shown to be reckless and audacious till now is attempting to change his image as he ascended to become South Korean fourth king. Viewers are excited to see how Lee Jae Ha will continue to portray himself as a king in the future episodes.

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