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INFINITE’s Hair Shop – When Men Get Their Hair Done

By Staff Writer | January 22, 2014 03:13 AM EST


"Guys, are you ready?"

"Okay! We're ready!"

INFINITE's destiny was always Korea. Don't they look excited to be getting back up on the Korean stage? They look like they could run directly to the Olympic Hall. Each one of the 7 members boasted unlimited enthusiasm for their upcoming performance. Their fresh poses bring joy to the fans, for sure.

INFINITE has returned. Their world tour 'One Great Step' began last August and it's already been 6 months now that it's come to an end. They toured 15 different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, and more. They've finally returned to Korea. They were able to greet their fans at the '2014 Asia Model Awards.'

On the 17th, Star Cast visited a beauty shop in Apgujeong. With only a few hours remaining before the awards ceremony, INFINITE members went to a hair shop to get all prettied up. Their different appearances left a great impression.

INFINITE does have an infinite charm, don't they? Did you miss them?

It's 2PM in an Apgujeong alley. The fan girls' cries were great loud. Despite the freezing cold, teh fans all waited eagerly for INFINITE to appear. The fans spoke in different languages, ranging from English to Japanese, Chinese and Korean. They were waiting for the INFINITE star.

FINALLY! The long awaited stars appeared.

As soon as the INFINITE fan entered the scene, fan girls all flocked towards it. They gave out loud cheers and presented various gifts they had brought for their favorite stars. The body guards put on their game faces in order to protect the popular group.

To begin with, Woohyun and Hoya appeared. They drew attention with their model poses. Both wore coats, shirts, jeans, and converse in all black. Isn't their fashion sense great? Not to mention their fan service. They took sweet, fan letters, and other small gifts and bowed to greet their fans.

The next members to enter the scene were Dongwoo and Sungkyu. They're the embodiment of youth itself. They looked elated at the fans' cheers, and smiled brightly. They went with a cute fashion with their snapbacks and paddings.

Where is L? Wow, what a transformation! He appeared in a navy long coat and gray knit to complete his civilian look. Fans go crazy over L's good looks!

Oh, and unfortunately we weren't able to capture Sungjong and Sungyeol on photos. That was all thanks to the fans' attacks. However we're not one to give up here.

Let's first take a look at the make-up photos.

Sungjong exudes the aura of a porcelain doll. Not just anyone can pull of the pink hair, you know. He was able to digest the bright make-up look to go along with his pink hair.

L has transformed into a(n even more) handsome man. It's just like him to sport such good looks, especially as the leading visual of the group. His chic smokey make-up looks awesome on him. He sure exudes his manly charm.

Hoya is concentrating on his make-up. His expression looks quite serious, doesn't it? It's understandable why he's referred to as 'ho baby.' He's not at all surprised by the camera. Isn't it time we started calling him 'ho adult'?

Next is Star Cast's highlight. It's time for INFINITE members to show off their unique individual charm. What do INFINITE members do while they wait? Let's take a look.

Woohyun - There he goes again with his creative hearts! Small hearts, golf ball hearts, and this time it's a heart balloon! His heart artisan skills sure have not diminished. A heart containing Woohyun's breath. Yes, you may take a moment to appreciate it now.

Sungkyu - He doesn't play with his smart phone or read a book. He just sits there with a dazed (?) expression on his face as he looks at the other members. We later found out that Sungkyu didn't fall asleep until morning. Although he had already adjusted to the time difference, he was up working on their song.

L - L is a curious cat. He'll take a nap out of fatigue, wake up, and look into the camera with bright eyes. He definitely qualifies as a certified camera enthusiast. He showed great interest even into this camera. He poured out proper terminology as he conversed with the reporters.

Dongwoo - Today Dongwoo is happy, as always. He didn't sit still but walked around the entire shop. He would hum INFINITE's winter song then look outside and smile brightly upon seeing a tree. He even posed with the tree for the camera.

Hoya - Hoya is an eating fanatic. He must have been hungry, because he devoured an ice cream. And then he one shot the honey water. He playfully said, "Please note me as a health-conscious idol."

Sungjong - All hail the model! He led the reporter to a location of his liking and posed for the camera. "Please take a pretty picture of me" he said playfully. Could he have taken cute charm lessons from Woohyun? It looks like his playful cute charm has been taken to the next level.

Sungyeol - Nowadays it's flu season, and Sungyeol couldn't escape it this season. He wasn't feeling well from the night before. He rested during every free moment. Even still, he got up with energy. He talked with the other members and tried to make the atmosphere livelier.

INFINITE is now ready to leave for the awards ceremony! It's already been 3 whole hours. We found some free time to ask some questions that fans were curious about.

Q: How is it to be back in Korea?

Sungkyu: Korean fans are absolutely the best. It's where my heart is. A few days ago I heard that our encore concert ticket sold out, and that the server went down. I was really happy. I want to comeback as soon as possible so that I can stand in front of our Inspirit fans and sing for them.

Q: So you're going to have an encore concert in Seoul?

Woohyun: We just started practicing for it. Although I can't give you any specifics, I can tell you that what we're preparing is very different than what we showcased during our last tour. From the opening to the set list, we've changed everything. We're going to do our best to all our Inspirit fans that have waited for us.

Q: "This Is Infinite" is going to air soon. It's been a long time since you've been on your own reality program, right?

Hoya: We plan to show you INFINITE's everyday life without any frills. We'll also be completing missions. It'll be similar to "Wide Entertainment News - Infinite King" which aired a couple years ago. I'm planning to come back with my Ho-dlib (Hoya + adlib), so you can look forward to that.

Upon finishing our short Q&A session, INFINITE has finally completed their transformation! The pattern reminds us of the "Destiny" music video. They eagerly jumped and finished preparing to go out there again. It's a shame that we have to let them go so soon!

Come back, come back, come back again~

INFINITE will be holding their world tour 'One Great Step Returns' on February 28th and March 1st at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul. They're working hard in preparation for their performance, all to show their 20,000 fans who will be in attendance. We look forward to seeing INFINITE's awesome comeback!

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