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Hwayoung Hospitalized Due To Small Car Accident

By Hei Ryung | February 03, 2014 11:00 AM EST

Another unfortunate event happened in one of our K-Pop idol, this time for former T-ARA member Hwayoung who has been hospitalized due to acquiring bruised in a small car accident.

According to her label who release their statement on, "Hwayoung was in the car with a friend on the 2nd. While her car was stopped, the car behind her rear-ended her. Thankfully, it was not a big accident. She's only bruised."

They continued saying, "She went back home right after her check up, but she was checked into the hospital today because of the doctor's suggestions. She's going to rest until her body recovers. We are sorry for worrying fans without meaning to."

For times like this fans are being affected whether small accident or tragic, they still the one's who felt very worried about their idols and wishes them speedy recovery. Hope that Hwayoung be seen back on her feet again one of this days.

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