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Pixie Lott "I Became Big Fan of Big Bang GD&TOP" in @ AsiaOne Showbiz Interview

By Staff Writer | April 27, 2012 11:27 AM EDT

Big Bang’s subunit GD&TOP garnered a lot of attention collaborating with British artist Pixie Lott shared in detail in an interview with AsiaOne Showbiz about how she came to work with the group.

Pixie Lott mentions she got to know the boys over in Japan as Big Bang was gaining traction to become big.

Below is the excerpt from the interview:

“I just loved the whole vibe of it. The music videos are so crazy, so futuristic,” she said. “I was so interested in the whole craze, and how huge it had become.

“It’s a really fresh sound.”

Plotting a K-pop collaboration, she settled on working with the boys, who were just as keen on partnering up with her.
“I became such a big fan of theirs (GD&TOP/BIGBANG), and when I heard that they wanted to collaborate as well, I was so excited,” said Lott.

Though the dance and hip-hop elements of K-pop are what she fell for initially, the collaboration is more of an R&B ballad, with G-Dragon and T.O.P. handling rapping duties.

“They have a great dance vibe, but I think it was cool for us to do something a little bit different,” said Lott. “I think it shows their fans something different as well.”

Though she met the boys in Japan during the Spring Groove festival earlier this month , she’s never been to Korea, and plans to swing by after her trip to Singapore.

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