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Review: Brown Eyed Soul Finally Lives Up To Their Name On The Retro Funk Gem 'BES Theme' From 'Thank Your Soul' [AUDIO]

By Jesse Lent | February 14, 2014 08:56 PM EST

At the risk of sounding like a player hater, there has been a distinct lack of, um, soul in a lot of Brown Eyed Soul's recordings, particularly of late.

And while there's no denying the steady stream of finely-tuned pop songs this South Korean R&B quartet has been releasing for over a decade, with a name like Brown Eyed Soul, there is just a certain amount of party potential that's implied.

It can be a little disappointing when they come out with yet another toned-down ballad.

Yet on "BES Theme," the opening song from the group's new "Thank Your Soul" album, released on Valentine's Day, the group is in full funk form, pulling out a retro-soul groove that would probably even make Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings bounce their funky heads.

There are no lead vocals here, instead just oohs and ahs, with some occasional harmony. The simple arrangement choice immediately dials in a 1960s sound.

The electric piano and reverberated tremolo guitar makes the mirage complete.

And though the attempts to mimic Brian Wilson's intricate Beach Boys harmonies falls flat, the song's overall effect is as danceable and as appealing as anything the group has done yet.

The tight horn jabs and orchestrated vocals recall some of Barry White or Isaac Hayes's film soundtrack work in the 1970s; so soulful it doesn't need a lead singer.

Like Hayes's work on "Shaft" or White's soundtrack to "Together Brothers," the songs stand alone, almost in a weird nether region between jazz, pop and classical music.

Four words for the members of Brown Eyed Soul: more of this please.

Check out "BES Theme" from the new Brown Eyed Soul album "Thank Your Soul" RIGHT HERE

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