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Taylor Momsen Is Skyclad in Sexy New Music Video; `Heaven Knows' These Devil Women in Rock Are Hot (Lyrics) (Video)

By Tony Sokol | February 16, 2014 08:24 AM EST

Taylor Momsen is skyclad in new her new music video  The Pretty Reckless singer gets naked at about the halfway point of the new video for "Heaven Knows," stripping off her robe and wearing an inverted cross that points, down down down. The former "Gossip Girl" star is sure to get tongues and fingers wagging, but the song is great.

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In the new music video for "Heaven Knows," the latest single off the upcoming "Going to Hell" album by Pretty Reckless, 

Taylor Momsen strips naked except for some body paint to an appreciative classroom that is being hypnotized before an altar of TV's re-educating them into a sinister curriculum. Because Heaven Knows they belong down below.

The videos starts at what looks like an anti drug lecture. Mumsen knows how to throw down and get the kids' attention as she throws off her cloak and continues the class naked. 

Taylor Momsen is covered with just enough body paint to form an inverted cross. A reminder from Pretty Reckless that their new album is called Going To Hell and it includes directions.Taylor Momsen brings a little satanic sparkle to a schoolroom lecture. Just as the kids might be lulled into classroom doldrums, 

The media is already saying that Taylor Momsen's new album "Going to Hell" with Pretty Reckless is foisting a Satanic, anti-Christian message, but devil women and rock and roll go back a long way. Long before even the first full-on satanic album "Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls" by Coven which featured the devilish 17-year-old diva Jinx Dawson. The album included the first-ever recording of a full Satanic Mass, beating Anton Szandor LaVey by a few months. Robert Johnson may have sold his soul for the blues, but rest assured, he did it to rock and roll with a devil woman.

Katy Perry, the preacher's daughter, recently got flack for her Grammy Award performance with the media saying was filled with Satanic imagery.

The former child star from St Louis, Missouri, doesn't do this for the controversy. She told the Huffington Post "I don't see myself as controversial. If other people see me like that I'd probably say they're a bit stiff. I don't write about myself. I write songs."

Is this a role for Momsen, who's best known for her roles in "Gossip Girl" and "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."? She told Parade Magazine "Acting is easy. I've been doing it for so long and I totally love it. But you're playing a character instead of yourself. Music is more personal because you're writing it and you're involved in every step of it."

Taylor's been singing since five when she belted out "Christmas, Why Can't I Find You?" for the soundtrack to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Momsen wrote the song "Blackout" when she was eight. It was recorded by Heidi Montag for her debut album, "Superficial."

Taylor told Maxim, "I've been making music since I can remember, and a few years ago I got to a place where I had a band and could quit acting; that was my day job. I was 12 when I signed on to Gossip Girl, and since then I've had two records, toured with Guns N' Roses...I mean, if feels like a different world."

A world where we're all "Going To Hell."

Arriving on Feb. 13, yes 13, the new Pretty Reckless music video for their "Heaven Knows" was filmed in Miami by director Jon J and Taylor Momsen. 

Taylor's new album will be released on March 18.  

Here are the lyrics

Jimmy's in the back with a pocket of high

 If you listen close

 You can hear him cry 

Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below

 Sing it Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below 

Way down below, way down below

Judy's in the front seat picking up trash 

Living on the dough 

Gotta make that cash 

Won't be pretty Won't be sweet 

She's just in here on her feet

Sing it Oh oh, heaven knows

 We belong way down below

 Go Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below Sing 

Oh oh, tell her so We belong way down below 

Oh oh, tell her so We belong way down below Way down below, way down below Way down below, way down below

I've had better days man I've seen better days I've had better ways man I've know better ways

One, two, three and four The devil's knocking at your door

 Caught in the eye of a dead man's wife 

Show you life with your head up high 

Now you're on your knees With your head down low Big mental, she wear it to go Tell her it's good Tell her okay Don't do a God thing they say

Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below 

Oh oh, tell her so We belong way down below 

Way down below, way down below Way down below, way down below

I've seen better ways man I know better ways I've seen better days man I've had better days

Jenna's in the back with a pocket of high If you listen close You can hear the crying 

Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below Oh oh, tell her so 

We belong way down below Oh oh, heaven knows We belong way down below

 Oh oh, tell her so We belong way down below
Way down below, way down below

 Way down below, way down below 

Way down below, way down below 

Way down below, way down below

 Way down below, way down below

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