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Who Will Challenge The Big 3 Entertainment Companies?

By Staff Writer | February 22, 2014 06:05 AM EST

January was the month of "sexy competition", and February was the month of comeback stages of various boy bands. March is upon is, and this March looks like it will be the month of competition between the three biggest entertainment companies - YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. Of course, other companies' artists are also coming out to challenge the "Big 3". Will they succeed?

JYP Entertainment entered the fray first with Sunmi's comeback song, "Full Moon". It was written by Brave Brothers and is the result of the first collaboration between JYP and Brave Brothers. A combination of guitar and brass instruments create a unique but addicting sound, and Sunmi's performance is already setting the tone for the battle to come.

The biggest question that looms this March is - "When Is It?" When is the biggest female group in Korea, Girls' Generation, going to make their comeback? Although they were scheduled to comeback mid-February, a damage done to their music video file has caused a delay in their comeback. They are tentatively scheduled to comeback by mid-March. TVXQ is also set to comeback with their repackaged album title song "Suri Suri", so it will be a busy month or so for SM Entertainment.

2NE1, YG's only girl group, pushed their comeback date to celebrate CL's birthday, but their album will not be delayed any more, as the song list was pre-released on the 20th. The expectations for the new album is very high, especially due to the fact that CL wrote three of the songs ("Crush", "Want You to Live It", and "Baby I Miss You") included in the new album. She also wrote the lyrics for "Mental Breakdown" and "Scream". Their album is being released on February 27th. Their offline album will be released on the 7th of March. They will start off their world tour on March 1st and 2nd, just two days after the release of their album. The concert will be called, 'All or Nothing (A.O.N).'

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