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Editor's Pick: Let ILLAP Take You On A Gravity-Defying Trip In Their New Music Video For 'Slot Machine' [VIDEO]

By Jesse Lent | March 14, 2014 08:26 PM EDT

ILLAP continue to push the boundaries of hip-hop in Korea and beyond with the music video for their song "Slot Machine," released on Thursday.

Somehow managing to combine Dirty South sixteenth note hi-hat and snare rolls with their signature meditative sonic backdrop, ILLAP once again creates a sound that defies classification.

Earlier this month, when I spoke to the experimental hip-hop duo, 21-year-old DJ-producer DOL told me the way he remembers meeting 22-year-old rapper Jjang-You is "on the street at dawn."

The sound of "Slot Machine" has that drowsy yet exhilarating feeling of being awake while the rest of the world is asleep.

Though in a previous review I compared ILLAP's sound to the dreamy R&B of Frank Ocean's "channel ORANGE," with each new track they are making increasing clear they are formed more in the mold of the seminal boundary-pushing hip-hop act, Outkast.

ILLAP is willing to take their music down sonically daring alleyways that most rappers wouldn't touch. And like that legendary pair of gentlemen from Atlanta, their music shares more than a passing infatuation with 1960s psychedelic textures.

And that's to say nothing of their music videos.

ILLAP's video for "Slot Machine" is nothing short of remarkable. Artful film superimpositions create a look that you might expect to see at a Chelsea gallery, with footage of DOL parachuting blending with hand-drawn animation that floating front of Jjang while he raps.

In the same way that the gambling apparatus the song is named after is an unknown variable, ILLAP proves once again with "Slot Machine" that they can't be put into a box and that they hold a seemingly limitless potential for riches.

Check out the new music video for "Slot Machine" by the South Korean hip-hop duo ILLAP Right HERE

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