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G.O.D Son Ho Young Admits That He Cheated On His Past Girlfriend

May 23, 2012 08:56 PM EDT

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Son Ho Young admitted having cheated on his girlfriend in the past.

On May 21 broadcast of MBC 'Come To Play,’ Son Ho Young opened up about a time when he was caught cheating on his girlfriend.

He revealed "A long time ago, I was dating someone in America, but because I was so busy we couldn't see each other for a year. Another woman caught my eyes.”

When Kwang Hee asked "Can you call that cheating?", the female cast of the show became angry. Kim Na Young commented "Once you cheat then you start cheating regularly", making Son Ho Young panic.

To this, Son Ho Young explained "It was a once in a life time mistake, when my girlfriend found out later, everyone around us found out and it became a huge mess. People were angry at me and we broke up. It was entirely my fault.”

However, this was a huge confession that was so unexpected from Son Ho Young due to his good boy image.

Photo: MBC

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