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Park Jung Hyun, Advice About Lip-Sync "I'm So Bad At It, Live Is Better"

By Staff Writer | May 27, 2012 01:06 PM EDT

Park Jung Hyun, Advice About Lip-Sync "I'm So Bad At It, Live Is Better"
Singer Park Jung Hyun gave advice about doing lip-sync. (Photo : SBS)

Singer Park Jung Hyun gave advice about doing lip-sync.

On May 25, singer Kim Bum Soo came out in SBS 'Go Show' and said "In the 14 years of my singer career, I have never done lip-sync, not even once."

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He said, "Lip-sync is hard. It's not that I don't do it, but it's that I can't do it. I'm jealous of those who are good at lip-sync. Even when I was filming for music videos, I was so bad at lip-sync that I just sang the song live."

At this, MC Yoon Jong Shin asked, "Have you tried lip-sync, Park Jung Hyun?", and Park Jung Hyun said the same, "I'm really bad at it too so even if my throat condition is bad, live is better."

Photo: SBS

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