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T-ARA's Ninth Member, Dani Photo Revealed, Join the Group in December

May 30, 2012 01:42 PM EDT

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T-ARA’s Agency, Core Content Media, unveiled the face of ninth member Dani for the first time on May 30.

Dani is 14 years old and has been raised in the states since she was 4 years old. Despite her young age, she is slender at a height of 167cm, and has been called Olivia Hussey of Asia in the states.

The ninth member of T-ARA will first join the group for the album that is to be release on July 7, and the ninth member, Dani, will join the group in December.

To meet the fans, Dani is planning to make a surprise appearance in the music video of the new song before she joins the group.

Dani said that "I would like to practice a little more and join when I'm ready so that I do not cause problems for the members of T-ARA."

The ninth member who has yet to be revealed is reported to be 19 years old who possesses skills, beauty and is 168cm tall. The date to reveal the eighth member is tentative.

Meanwhile, T-ARA is preparing for their concert in Japan and Thailand in June, and they are preparing for the opening ceremony of their fan club being held on July 14 at Kyunghee University.

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