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Hong Dae Kwang To Hold First-Ever Solo Concert In June

By Staff Writer | April 07, 2014 03:08 PM EDT

Hong Dae Kwang Holds First-Ever Solo Concert in June

Singer Hong Dae Kwang is hosting his first solo concert.

Hong Dae Kwang will hold "First Propose of June" on June 14-15 at the K-Art Hall in Seoul.

Drawing from his busking (street performing) experience, Hong Dae Kwang is determined to stage a variety of musical styles during his solo concert.

The concert title "Propose" is taken from the last track of his previous mini album Far Away. "Propose" contains Hong Dae Kwang's experiences during busking; the disappointment and hopes on the road to accomplishing his goal is carried in the song.

The word "Propose" in his concert title, is deliberately contained to show his unchanging attitude from his busking days while also reflecting the changes in his style since appearing on Superstar K4.

Hong Dae Kwang stated: "I'm trying my best to make this concert an enjoyable and warm one for fans. I want to show fans my everything; the concert will be a great time to appreciate and thank fans for their love and support".



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