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Amanda Knox Case Update: Italian Murder Villa Fails To Sell; “Foxy Knoxy” Still Quiet Despite Winning Suit Versus Newspaper

By Staff Writer | April 08, 2014 06:18 PM EDT

The Amanda Knox case has another casualty and that's the Perugia villa where the murder took place, which is up for sale but couldn't attract a buyer as "Foxy Knoxy" remains mum despite winning suit versus an Italian newspaper.

The realtors even resorted to cutting down the price of the house at the center of the Amanda Knox murder case from the original $630,000 to just over $520,000 and still no takers, RadarOnline said.

Meredith Kercher was found bathed in her own blood inside the Perugian villa in 2007. The property is listed to Aldalia Tattanelli, an Italian retiree. The website said that eight new tenants have since resided in the place but they almost died due to a gas leak.

A real estate agent for Tecnocasa said that the owner of the property "really wants to sell the house ... but it has not been easy to find potential buyers who are willing to overlook the fact that a brutal murder took place there," Radar added.

Realtors even try to hide the fact that the Perugian villa is tied to the Amanda Knox murder case.

"The owner is adamant that everything possible be done to discourage anyone in the realtor's office from saying a word about the murder, even though it is next to impossible to hide that fact," the realtor said, adding that the owner wants to be free of the Amanda Knox murder connection and "really just wants to be free of the place now."

Meanwhile, an Italian newspaper was ordered to pay damages and litigation expenses after it published personal and sensitive information in connection to the Amanda Knox case.

However, "Foxy Knoxy" has remained silent despite this victory.

The Court of First Instance granted Amanda Knox's civil petition against RCS Mediagroup, which publishes Corriere della Sera, a daily newspaper based in Milan, after printing contents of Foxy Knoxy's diary detailing her sex life.

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