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'After School Club' Will Focus On International Fans' Reactions To Sewol Ferry Tragedy

By Tamar Herman | April 25, 2014 08:50 AM EDT

After School Club
(Photo : Arirang)

In respect to the Sewol ferry accident the ArirangTV show After School Club, hosted by Eric Nam and U-KISS's Kevin, will be devoted to the tragedy.

On April 23, the official Twitter account for After School Club posted: "We will be doing a prerecording for #ASC & #ASCAAfterShow (April 29&30) to express our condolences for those affected by the sunken Sewol ferry tragedy. Instead of our usual format, we will be talking with viewers from abroad who have sent in messages of support."

After School Club uses Google Hangouts and enables idols to interact with international fans. However, instead of idols, the episode will feature messages, pictures, poems, or anything else that international fans send in support to those affected by the tragedy.

The continuous halt to the Korean entertainment industry in light of the tragedy has led to a lot of support but also some confusion from international fans that don't understand why their favorite music or shows have been delayed.

However, it has also led to a lot of support from fans from all over the world. After School Club's focus on this support highlights the fact that K-Pop has helped connect international fans to Korea.

By devoting an episode to the international fans' reactions, After School Club is addressing the difference between international fans of K-Pop and Korean fans of K-Pop. Even though international fans are very vocal, they often feel left out of events taking place in Korea. But After School Club is allowing international fans to express their sadness towards the difficult situation, making them feel closer to the Korean fans.

Unlike other variety shows that have been cancelled, After School Club will air during its normal time slot. 



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