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Ji Hyun Woo Confesses His Love for Yoo In Na!

June 07, 2012 10:47 PM EDT

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Ji Hyun Woo Reveals Confesses His Love for Yoo In Na! / Credit: .

Yoo In Na didn't know what to do as Ji Hyun Woo revealed his love for her.

On June 7, Ji Hyun Woo revealed his relationship with actress Yoo In Na at the fan meeting for tvN 'Queen In Hyun's Man'.

Ji Hyun Woo stated, 'There was a scene where I had to tell Yoo In Na that I love her but I had a hard time absorbing and expressing the emotions. I was frustrated with myself but then Yoo In Na put earphones in my ear' and described how it was like a scene out of a movie.

People present at the fan meeting became confused when Ji Hyun Woo began to say things that revealed his interest in Yoo In Na. Ji Hyun Woo continued, 'I want to be honest today. The main focus of our drama is mental shock, right? We shock you every episode. The thing that will mentally shock you today is the fact that I love Yoo In Na. Please show us support.' As soon as he finished his sentence, screams and applause of happiness burst out from the crowd.

Yoo In Na as well as other actors and staff all hesitated. The moment came when Yoo In Na had to reply to Ji Hyun Woo. Yoo In Na replied, 'I had a lot of crying scenes in the drama so I always listened to the OST when I memorized my lines,' to avoid the topic at hand.

However, the MC stated, 'Doesn't he deserve an answer after such a confession?'

Yoo In Na then replied, 'I think we'll have to talk more about this after this event is over. I don't know how he is feeling and what he is doing right now. It really is a mental shock,' and tried her best to take care of the situation as well as she could.

Ever since they began filming the drama 'Queen In Hyun's Man', Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na have been under a lot of watchful eyes in suspicion that they are dating. People assumed that they were very close because of their roles in the drama but Ji Hyun Woo caused up a stir again as he confessed his love for Yoo In Na.

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