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Summer Big Match! Super Junior, BEAST, 2NE1, T-ARA, f(x) Comeback

By Jenny Yu | June 11, 2012 11:17 PM EDT

Following Big Bang and Wonder Girls' comeback in June, other popular singers have announced their comeback for the summer.

>f(x) - 2NE1, Anticipating Their Unique Style of Music

The two girl groups who have been gaining popularity for their unique style of music are returning. First, on June 5, f(x) released a teaser photo of themselves wearing horse, deer, sheep, and tiger masks and started their countdown to their comeback. On June 10, they released their mini album titled 'Electronic Shock' world-wide and came back. f(x) has always presented a new, unique style of music through, for example 'Nu ABO,' 'Pinocchio,' 'Hot Summer,' and more. So, there is great anticipation to the promotional concept of their new album. SM Entertainment earlier explained, "This album will also bring together the distinct color and charm of the five members, the fresh music, and the stylish performance. Also, for 5 to 6 days, teaser photos of the members will be released following the concept for this album."

On May 20, Dara Park announced 2NE1's comeback by saying, "Fans who have cheated gather together." 2NE1 who has made a hit on various music charts and on ground wave music programs with 'I Am The Best,' 'Ugly,' 'Lonely,' and has currently finished recording 7 songs with Teddy. Expectation has been increasing for this album because it has been reported that it will include electronic hip-hop, acoustic and other various genres.

>After School - T-ARA, Who's the new face?

There are girls group who will meet their fans with a new member.

After School's Kahi has left the group and a new member Kaeun has joined the group; the team has been recently reorganized. Kaeun who is 17 spent her middle school years in Japan and is fluent in the language. Among the trainees at Pledis, she has the most powerful performance and vocal skills. Also, she has been getting attention as the 'new bagel girl' for her slim figure and baby face. She will be introduced to the fans in the new, upcoming After School album to be released on June 21.

T-ARA's comeback is also of utmost interest. This is because there will be two new members introduced through the new album. The 8th member who is 19 years old will join the group for the promotion of T-ARA's new song 'Day by Day,' which will be released on July 7. The 9th member Dani has been introduced to the fans through a music video. T-ARA has brought a conceptual music through, for example 'Roly-Poly,' 'Lovey-Dovey,' and more. So, there is great anticipation to the concept of the new album. The new song has a melody of Korean sentiment, which is strength of T-ARA. In addition to this, choreographer Jonte Moaning who choreographed the dance to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies' will be in charge of the dance moves to bring a more powerful performance where T-ARA can show off their charm. 

>BEAST -  Super Junior - 2PM, Move out of the Way Girl Groups!

First, BEAST is returning. BEAST who has recently finished their world tour 'Beautiful' with great success is currently working hard in Korea recording their album. The formalities of the album and details of their comeback have not been confirmed, but they have finished recording 5-6 songs and are in the process of carefully selecting the title song. BEAST has brought a distinct concepts and choreography through, for example 'Shock,' 'Breath,' and more. So, a close attention is being given in selecting the concept for this album. Cube Entertainment said, "The music style of BEAST is important, so a lot of work is being made in the process of making the album."

Super Junior will come back in August. Super Junior including Kangin who was just discharged from the army is planning to once again take over the charts as 'SJ Punk' who mesmerized the world. Renowned composers in Korea and overseas have participated in this album. Much attention is being paid to see if Super Junior will be able to top the charts as they did in the past in Korea throughout the year and in China three times consecutively.

2PM who has received a lot of attention for the successful 6-consecutive day concert in Budokan, Japan will also be coming back between late summer and fall. After their promotion of 'Hands Up' in Korea, they have been busy with their schedule in Japan, but they have been preparing for this comeback in their spare time. They promised to comeback with a high-quality album.

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