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Wonder Girls Sohee’s Confession Regarding Her Ideal Type “I Do Look At Physical Appearance”

June 13, 2012 09:23 PM EDT

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Wonder Girls revealed their ideal types.

Wonder Girls appeared in SBS Power FM radio 'Jung Sun Hee's a Night Like Tonight' and presented their recent news and the new album 'Wonder Party.'

Wonder Girls also answered questions from fans and one of them was about their ideal types. Yubin said "someone who is good at sports" and Hyerim answered "it changed recently now I like a guy who has a lot of things to learn from."

Sohee said "Someone who I can be comfortable with" and DJ Jung Sun Hee asked "What if that person has a great character but isn’t so good looking?" Sohee answered again "I do look at physical appearance."

Lastly Yeeun shared "I’m a believer in fate" and "I cannot say no to people so I don't like a blind dates."

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