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IU and Wonder Girls' Sohee Wears The Same Shorts! Who Wore It Better?

June 15, 2012 06:56 PM EDT

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Singers IU and Wonder Girls' Sohee are seen wearing the same pants.

On a recent online community, a picture was posted under the title 'Sohee wears the same shorts as IU.’

In the picture, IU is wearing a sleeveless red shirt with gray shorts, displaying a sexy image. The beaded shorts were also worn by Wonder Girls' Sohee. IU and Sohee showed off their slimming figures wearing the same shorts.

Internet users who saw this commented, "IU and Sohee, it looks good on both of them", "The pants are so pretty, I want to know where it's from", "Both of them are so skinny", and "It's the battle between the two national younger sisters.”

IU is currently on her first national tour, ‘Real Fantasy’ while the Wonder Girls have come back with their new album and is gaining attention with their title song, ‘Like This.’

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