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'Ghost' So Ji Sub's Girlfriend is on Uhm Ki Joon's Side

June 15, 2012 09:56 PM EDT

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'Ghost' So Ji Sub's Girlfriend is on Uhm Ki Joon's Side / Credit: SBS

In the 6th episode of SBS drama 'Ghost' that was aired on June 14, featured Park Ki Young (So Ji Sub) being watched by a strange woman while he received his award. After the event, the same woman showed up to Park Ki Young's house creating confusion in everybody's minds.

Park Ki Young says, 'Who are you?' to the strange woman that had come into his house. The woman says to him, 'Let's talk about you. What are you? I heard you were in a big accident and now you don't even recognize your girlfriend?' and claimed to be his lover.

However, right after she leaves his presence, she speaks on the phone with Jo Hyun Min (Uhm Ki Joon) and says, 'I lied to him and told him we're dating and he didn't remember me. I don't think all of his memories came back yet,' and revealed that she was on the same side as Jo Hyun Min.

Jo Hyun Min then tells her, 'Either his memories haven't come back or it's not him' and smiled slyly.

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