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Kendall Jenner Billboard Music Awards 2014: Did One Direction Harry Styles Hear Her Teleprompter Blunder?

By Staff Writer | May 19, 2014 05:52 PM EDT

At the Billboard Music Awards 2014 Kendall Jenner flubbed her words as she introduced 5 Seconds Of Summer. Instead, she almost called them One Direction, the band of her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. It's obvious that the twenty-year-old singer of One Direction was on Kendall's mind, but is she on Harry's? Was he tuned into Kendall making the teleprompter blunder on Billboard Music Awards or was he somewhere else?

Turns out, Harry Styles was treating himself at Laurel's Hardware restaurant in West Hollywood, enjoying a rare break from One Direction's "Where We Are" world tour. It seems like the Billboard Music Awards and his ex-girlfriend were the furthest things from his mind!

Back in Las Vegas in the famous MGM Grand Garden Arena, Kendall Jenner was bending over laughing at her own Freudian slip. "I'm the worst reader," giggled Kendall Jenner as she tried to laugh off her misread. Watch her make the mistake:

She even admitted how embarrassed she was on her Twitter:

Maybe Kendall has been thinking about rekindling the romance with the star of the "You & I" song. Only a few weeks ago, her aunt admitted that Kendall and Harry Styles are still close despite their break up.

"Kris [Kendall's mother] liked it when Kendall was with Harry Styles," she told RadarOnline, "He was such a great guy - very polite and respectful and, for someone so young, very mature. Kendall and Harry are still very good friends."

But the rumor has it that One Direction heartthrob has been getting the hots for his hair stylist Lou Teasdale, who is ten years his senior. The reports of their closeness comes in the tailwinds of Lou breaking up with Tom Atkins, with whom she has a daughter called Lux.

A source told Now Magazine: "There's a chance Lou and Tom [Atkin, who she reportedly split with] will sort things out, but Harry's supporting Lou for now. They're having big hearts-to-hearts all the time Lou's devastated and her priority is Lux, but she's grateful to have Harry in her life -- he's good at cheering her up."

This may be bad news for Kendall Jenner, but it seems like Harry's into older women anyway!

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