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'Big' Baek Sung Hyun - 'miss A Suzy's Slave'

June 16, 2012 03:17 PM EDT

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'Big' Baek Sung Hyun - 'miss A Suzy's Slave' / Credit: KBS

In the drama 'Big', Baek Sung Hyun plays the character named Gil Choong Sik who falls in love at first sight with miss A member Suzy's character, Jang Mari. Through his role in the drama, Baek Sung Hyun is winning over the love of every female viewer with his comedic acting.

During the 3rd episode of 'Big', Gil Choong Sik falls in love at first sight with Jang Mari, who showed up to his school to find her love Kang Kyun Joon (Shin Won Ho). Gil Choong Sik tries to win her love by approaching her and telling her, 'You're kind of pretty' and writes his number on her purse.

Gil Choong Sik says, 'I'll buy you as many pizzas that will cost as much as your purse. Call me.' When he finds out that he will need to buy Jang Mari 300 pizzas to make up for her purse, he decides to become her slave. Choong Sik subconsciously makes the mistake of telling Jang Mari that Kang Kyung Joon is in a coma at the hospital.

Even in the 4th episode, Gil Choong Sik is seen trying hopelessly to seduce Jang Mari and brought laughter to the audience. Although his attempt at winning her love is not successful, he was successful at getting Jang Mari's attention as well as all the female viewers' love.

Baek Sung Hyun lightens up the drama with his comedic performances and his handsome appearance. Many viewers are patiently waiting to see how Gil Choong Sik's love for Jang Mari will end up.

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